Welcome to FreightSolutions! We are committed to deliver excellence in transportation and logistics solutions to all of our customers. Through our unique and vast network of independent transportation, providers and independent sales agents, we have the flexibility to meet any supply chain challenge from truckload, LTL, heavy haul or other specialized transportation services, to intermodal, warehousing, air and ocean freight shipping services.

We are a leader in technology among transportation and logistics companies, which in turn provides our customers with the most reliable transportation and logistics services in the market.

Whatever your transportation logistics needs; whether you are transporting cargo via land, air or sea, have a specialized/heavy haul load or require a third party logistics (3PL) solution, The Company Worldwide has the expertise and flexibility to handle your needs in a safe, secure manner. Call us today for more information and we will set solutions in motion for you.

Enjoy your experience and we hope to service each of your freight shipment needs in the future.

Domestic Services

FreightSolutions currently offers solutions for all of your domestic transportation needs. We serve all 50 states and outlying territories, and can provide a selection of services in order to meet your shipment’s specific requirements. We offer both air and ground options, depending on your shipment’s transit requirements. Contacts us today for all of your shipping needs, and allow us to design a custom-tailored solution for your cargo.

International Services

FreightSolutions affords many options in an expansive network to personalize all of your International cargo needs. Whether your need is import or export, air or ocean. We have more than 200 agents in 90 countires, which allow us to be just as competitive in non-traditional markets, as we are in the larger trade lanes. We are able to provide either a standard or expedited options for your cargo, as well as custom-tailored solutions for your specific product. We also provide expertise in out-sized cargo movements, vehicle shipments, perishable, and high-value goods. Contact us today, and experience a new level of personalized service and expertise!


To track and trace your shipment at any time simply enter your shipment I.D. number in the E Tracking section provided on our main page and click the Search button. If you are missing the I.D. number, please call our office for assistance.

Registered User

Logging on as a registered user will provide you with more detail on your shipments history along with other features. You will be able to utilize your shipment history to build address books, helping expedite the quoting and booking process. Contact us today to help set up your personal registration.


We are pleased to bring you our new TMS. Simply enter the Origin and Destination zip codes of the shipment click GO and this will navigate you immediately to Step 2.

In order for our customers to receive quotes and tender shipments for Next Day and 2nd Day Service levels you must first become a registered user of our website. Contact us for more information.

Each shipment will be subject to a Fuel Surcharge (FSC). With the ever changing cost in fuel, it is our goal here at Freight Solutions, LP to keep our FSC consistent and at a cost below the market % for each of our customers.